Whale and Dolphin Watching Tours by Sail – Rich in a wide variety of marine life, the waters surrounding Carriacou are home to several species of marine mammals and sea turtles. Hokule’a, our 55’ sailing catamaran, provides an ideal platform to observe these creatures in their natural, undisturbed habitat, while quietly gliding in the Grenadines archipelago along gentle Trade Winds.

Hiking and Cycling Tours – Directly adjacent to the proposed High North National Park, the Kido Project is footsteps from miles of hiking trails through native vegetation providing scenic vistas and a spectacular view from the summit. Mixed paved and gravel roads make cycle tours of Carriacou an exciting adventure as well and represent one of the most satisfying and enjoyable ways of viewing the entire island.

Terrestrial Natural History Field Trips – The possibilities are virtually endless for a variety of natural history field trips through the forested hillsides or exposed rocky cliffs of Carriacou. Kido Project Staff are always prepared to cater to the interests of the group and the individual, be it ecology, geology, archaelogy, botany, ornithology, herpetology, entomology, etc.

Coastal Natural History Field Trips – The name ‘Carriacou’ is derived from a Carib word for ‘land of many reefs’ (Kayryouacou). Kido Project Staff have extensive experience snorkeling and beach-combing with student and private groups – taking the ecotourist to biologically diverse and pristine coastal areas surrounding the island. Kido Project is committed to ensuring that these delicate systems are responsibly appreciated while remaining unspoiled.

General Island Exploration – We encourage communication and inquiry in advance, so that we may customize prospective ecotour visits to Carriacou. We are happy to assist in trip planning, offering desired information regarding one’s particular interests in fully exploring this unique island. Cultural exchange events are also organised.