KIDO : Computer Literacy Training

KIDO Foundation received funding for computer hardware from the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) to create a computer literacy training program at KERS. The goal of the program is to teach basic computer literacy with an environmental awareness context to as many local youth and adults as possible at very little cost using volunteer trainers. The computer lab is currently housed as KERS, who provides the broadband Internet service and electricity; eventually, the lab will be relocated to the Bogles Community Center in the village of Bogles – the construction of which was also aided with funds from CFLI.

The program, which began in August 2003, has been successful from the start with over 65 active students ranging in ages from 8 to 65. Basic hardware and software concepts are taught along with using popular operating systems, office software, email tools, and how to conduct research using the Internet.

Students that complete the basic program are eligible for a scholarship for advanced training through the Microsoft(tm) Certified Training Center in Grenada, Nutmeg PC, with the hopes of creating a highly skilled base of knowledge workers and technicians in Carriacou.