Carriacou Sea Turtle Rescue Update

Dear Friends of Kido,
So far we have saved from certain destruction 174 critically endangered sea turtles caught in the Grenadines. Just last week we rescued seven (7) beautiful hawksbill turtles, three mature males, three females and a juvenile in one go, involving several people volunteering for Kido Team in Carriacou. Yet the real cost is huge for us, our only external financial support being from donations by those who know and understand our work and care for these extraordinary turtles to live on and reproduce.

We are also, of course, monitoring the beaches during the nesting season, training and involving local youths in turtle conservation as well as fishermen, officials and the wider population of Carriacou, Petit Martinique and Grenada.

Furthermore, we are part of the regional and national Research team holding discussions with government officials to extend the closed hunting season from four to six months by law and eventually have a Moratorium, a ban on catching sea turtles altogether. Presently only the Leatherback is fully protected, as well as all the turtle eggs, although Kido had to rescue some adults from poachers more than once and the eggs are still poached in the non-monitored beaches.

But we do need financial support to physically save the captured healthy specimen, which may take over 50 years to replace: now is the time to act for us, when we have them alive, mature, ready to fertilize and lay their eggs, here, in Carriacou waters, saved by Friends of Kido.

Thank you and Happy Holidays

Dario, Tyrone & Marina

Dario Sandrini, President
Tyrone Buckmire, Vice-president
Marina Fastigi, Treasurer
YWF- Kido Foundation
West Indies
Tel: (473) 443 7936

Adopt a Turtle via safe and secure electronic transfer to: 
Bank address: Main Street, Carriacou, Grenada
Account Name: YWF-Kido Foundation Inc.
Account No: 31000116

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